Venetian Snares Meathole

[Planet Mu; 2005]

Styles: drill-and-bass, glitch, breakcore, IDM
Others: Aphex Twin, Wagon Christ, Squarepusher, Bogdan, Hrvatski

Aaron Funk, formerly of the frozen shithole that is Winnipeg, is no one-trick pony. Some four months after the release of the cathartic, breathtaking, objectively beautiful Rossz Csillag Alatt Született, he's decided to molest his crowd with Meathole, thoroughly vile from the vaginal armpit cover to the last twitching sound. It's an entire album of graceless, head-snapping, heavy petting breakcore that could've just as easily been released between Fuck Canada // Fuck America and Find Candice... and possibly could've been, for all we know. But there are certain noticeable elements that reek of personal improvement over the Venetian Snares of 1999. While just as abrasive and intensicore, the production is obviously richer and the execution of each track is just that much more complex and polished, though the exact recording date for the bulk of this album is rumoured to be around or before Higgins Ultra Low Track Glue Funk Hits. I know a similar synth melody comes in around the six minute mark of "Des Plaines" and about three quarters through "Abomination Street" from 2003's Chocolate Wheelchair, while the sample of Robin Williams from One Hour Photo in "Aaperture" could also place these songs back a few years. Evidence is required for any guess at dating Venetian Snares tracks, as his state of creative skill always sounds years ahead of his associated contemporaries. Having been released after Rossz, the sinister rage expressed here is brought into sharp contrast, showcasing Funk's diverse, ethereal capabilities. Still consistently rich and intelligent, Meathole is another highlight footnote in what is sure to be the Venetian Snares legend.

1. Contain feat. SKM-ETR
2. Aaperture
3. Aamelotasis
4. Des Plaines
5. Aanguish
6. Szycag
7. Sinthasomphone
8. Choprite

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