Wauvenfold 3fold

[Tiger Style; 2002]

Styles: electronica, glitch/click
Others: Mum, Boards of Canada, Dntel

By some bizarre twist of fate, the 3 EP turned LP 3fold by Wauvenfold became an indispensable part of my life. One day I randomly opened my mailbox and within my grasp was a suspicious looking package. Intrigued, I shook it, smelt it, observed it, if it was a CD I knew it was no ordinary one, so off came the plastic sheath and enter the Discman.

Before I knew what was happening, I was suddenly transported to a post lapsarian electronica alternate reality of whirring machines and production lines. People were lined for miles, performing the most menial of mechanized tasks with pathetically drab looks on their faces. I walked about aimlessly for a while trying to figure out the source of their pain, when it suddenly hit me. From the centre of the factory sat a gigantic green powerhouse, booming insidiously, and leaking radiation in direct lines to their ears. When I had begun to wonder how they could bear such a place a heavenly tinkle came from the electronic birds they were creating. Fascinating I thought. No sooner was I prepared to see what else the place had to offer than a number of doors opened, inviting me to explore. A multitude of exciting soundscapes. When I finally returned, I was mesmerized. To reveal what was in the other rooms would destroy the journey for the next.

This is the sort of album that when talking about I stutter continually. Wauvenfold are innovative, textured sound waves of hypnotic inspiration. Complaints are few and far between, the only downfall I can find is that it loses momentum in the second half of the album. Though the recurring themes are a weaving thread throughout the tracks, it wears a little on the ears. Ultimately, it's the awe inspiring number of layers that are bound to keep the standard electronica fan interested. It's not funky, it's not upbeat, but it's interesting and that, is enough for me.

1. Clip
2. Podunk
3. Selenium Pulse
4. Slightlyoutofocus
5. Stab
6. Residual
7. JiGab
8. Pixel Stitched
9. Eye Bulb
10. Obliq Itch
11. Fumble Fibre
12. Foil Twitch
13. Vessel
14. Clip (Clopt)

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