Wavering Saints Strike Date

[Central District; 2004]

Rating: 1/5

Styles: indie blah blah blah, half-assery
Others: Superchunk, Emperor X, Daniel Johnston

----------DISC NOT FINALIZED----------

So says my CD player. Let's try this here PC then. There we go... Actually my CD player might be on to something. This does sounds pretty unfinalized. Some drum machines with hum-drum indie rock strum and vox of disaffec-fec-fec-tion on top. Not so bad, even if the "Will you live in Los Angeles" refrain reminds me of a better song by Frank Black. Nice enough, but pretty lackluster. Next track.

A cutesy, clipped "C'mon" is repeated at the end of each measure. Some reverse cymbal action to add to the aimless nature of the tune. It ends before I can write another sentence. I'll play it again. Hmm, the guitar progression feels familiar. The vocals, too. What a tossed off little bacon bit this song is. It wouldn't be so bad if it were some filler on an old Sebadoh album, but this is half way into a four-song EP of a band I've never heard of before.

Anyway, I can see that track three is six-plus minutes long. Maybe this is the tune where they get to show their stuff. Evidently not. For some reason, the vocals have been very buried in the mix. But not in a Lightning Bolt kinda way, more like in a poor microphone placement kind of way. From the lazy, unstated fashion in which the guitar and bass moves with its unchanging drum machine pattern, I question their judgment in making this their EP epic. Some interesting sounding feedback aside, this song makes you sleepy with its loaginess. It doesn't overcome its sorry stupor till said feedback washes begin to swarm to the fore at the end.

I don't even know what to say about the fourth track. Except that I understand why the vocals have been heretofore somewhat buried. With just an emo guitar run and yet another sorry ass drum machine plod, we get to hear just how horrible the singer's voice is. He deserves the Tim Kinsella award for off-keyness. Oh, and some more backwards stuff via the guitar at the end. I think I'll go listen to Revolver and forget this EP ever happened.

1. Listen To This
2. Eyescrape
3. Evening Light
4. Radio Wonder

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