X-Ecutioners Revolutions

[Sony; 2004]

Rating: 1.5/5

Styles: underground hip-hop, turntablism
Others: Cut Chemist, Sway & Tech

Hip-hop DJ mixes are always a hit or miss. Even if your name is the X-Ecutioners and you possess raw and true talent as cut and paste DJs, you are only as good as your collaborating roster. While many may favor the inclusion of such famous names as Fat Joe, B-Real, Dead Prez, and Rob Zombie, many lovers of underground hip-hop may disagree. And even if you acquire the likes of Slug, Ghostface Killah, and Black Thought, the material that they contribute must exemplify and outshine the previous work that they have produced in the past. For the X-Ecutioners' newest release, Revolutions, the entire supporting cast of hip-hop characters fail to justify the band's truly gifted and exceptional concepts. This blatant indolence assembles a truly disappointing offer from the best DJ group in today's hip-hop.

The biggest flaw with the X-Ecutioners' Revolutions is its transparent attempt at mainstream acceptance. While some of their previous work established a perfect hybrid between underground hopefuls and popular mainstream performers, Revolutions eliminates any ties to their underground roots. Even the appearance of Slug on "More Human Than Human" is drowned out by the involvement of Rob Zombie and conjures one of Slug's most disappointing efforts in the last few years. B-Real from Cypress Hill is up to his old tricks on "Get With It," rehashing his old, nasally and complacent formula again, making his fans wonder if he's smoked one to many blunts and has completely lost touch with any creative reality. Further down the spiral is the inclusion of "Like This," a song that completely severs the flow of the album, the only thing that was remotely decent about Revolutions in the first place. Even stars like Ghostface Killah and Black Thought border the line with average rhymes, exemplifying their own personal struggles with mainstream acceptance within their own personal work.

Overall, Revolutions is an extremely boring affair, never building any momentum from the start to finish. Unfortunately for The X-Ecutioners, all of the blame falls directly on them. For three respectable DJs with a plethora of winning trophies, Revolutions appears to be a complete failure. And I thought "x-ecutioners" described their performances, not their careers.

1. Skit 1
2. The Countdown Part 2
3. Live from the PJ's
4. Like This
5. C'mon
6. Skit 2
7. Back To Back
8. Let Me Rock
9. The Regulators
10. Space Invader
11. Old School Throwdown
12. Get With It
13. (Even) More Human Than Human
14. Skit 3
15. Sucka Thank He Cud Wup Me
16. The Truth
18. Skit 4

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