Zucchini Drive Being Kurtwood

[2nd Rec; 2006]

Rating: 4/5

Styles:  hip-hop/electronica
Others: Sole, Sage Francis, Josh Martinez, 13&God, Comb & Prosperous

Mix equal parts Morr Music lo-fi and Anticon beats with emcees from Sweden and Belgium and you've got Zucchini Drive. That's a name that arguably manages to be weirder than the music produced underneath. Pulling beats from the likes of electro-popper B. Fleishmann, American beat composer Alias, and main Morr man Styrofoam, Being Kurtwood sounds pretty much like the names involved would make you assume. I already happen to be a big fan of most of those names – luckily, because people who aren't will not like this either. The rest of us will find ourselves rewarded by rap-indie-rock beats care of Pilot Balloon, Populous, and Italy's Giardini Di Mirò, all of which encourage the much-needed blurring of rock and hip-hop in an emotional, artistic way, as opposed to the limp rap-rock "Walk This Way" that gets the big press. Marcus Graap and Tom de Geeter (Siaz of Cavemen Speak) obviously put a lot of effort into shaping this release, too. For the number of fingers in this pie, the voices and vision of the emcee duo centers the contributive effort into a coherent piece of open-minded, underground hip-hop.

1. Painting Things In Harsh Colours
2. Sombre City feat. Markus Acher
3. Easy Tiger feat. Bleubird
4. Knucklesandwich
5. 1000 Streets Beneath The Sky
6. Vagabondage
7. For Kurtwood
8. Banned From Poland feat. Styrofoam
9. Bonafied Gambler feat. Lord Grunge
10. Good Music & Indian Food feat. Kimberly

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