The fantastically talented trio of Shahin, Zach, and Kid Millions (best fucking name ever) composing the noisily eclectic supergroup Ex Models is waging war on itself with new member Luke Brödy. It's guitars – Zach and Shahin – versus drums – Kid Millions and Luke Brödy – this time around. Touring as the "Fundustrial Set" or "Interstellar Overdrive" or "Fuck Noise, Join the Army," the quartet revealed its immensity at All Tomorrow's Parties, curated by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs this past May. A fellow who goes by the name of Steve Five will also be accompanying the band, although I'm not quite sure what he'll do beyond recording and mixing. They will travel across the United States and even parts of Canada for a mere two weeks. With each new setup, the band has shifted directions in terms of their live performance. From the minute long abrasive outbursts of no-wavey hardcore to a more experimental, repetitive style leaning towards a freer avant-garde, no one knows what to expect with this newest of systems. I'm guessing it will involve some flaunting of the rhythm section and produce profound results.

I'm not going to lie, Ex Models is one of my current favorite bands, and I will do anything to promote them and their tour. Two full-length albums that together are only about 45 minutes long and an EP that totally disregards any sense of traditional songwriting can satisfy any type of music enthusiast. The hyperactive listener is most easily pleased because s/he will no longer have to skip the track immediately after their "favorite part." The rock/metal/noise/abrasive music listener will be most gratified overall because the albums are a perfect jaunt into experimental, hardcore, and comedic heavy music in general. Other listeners will simply be swayed by just how awesome and overwhelming a sound emerges from such minimal instrumentation, or if not, they simply don't matter. No one cares about other peoples' opinion on their own music anyway. Also, the overtly sexual song titles/lyrics should attract most people who enjoy a good laugh now and then. Any song named "Love Japanese Style" or "Fuck to the Music" or "Hott 4 Discourse" or even "Hey Boner" has to be a quality piece of music.

Regardless, Ex Models are one of the few bands innovating in the area of abrasive music without resorting to all-out noise. They have maintained a sense of connection to the rest of the music world, yet they still completely defy all expectations. Throughout their career thus far, they have kept raising the bar higher, playing harsher, fucking gentler, and laughing louder. Ex Models love dissonance, and so do I. According to Motia in an interview, Ex Models' live show "isn't as chaotic as the record," but that it "really brings out the noise of [their] music." Ex Models are in the process of finishing a new blissful split 12-inch with Oneida, which will be released by Brah/Jagjaguwar, and they will hopefully be releasing a new album in the spring of next year. Get excited. Oh, I've also heard, like, rumors that the first ten people at each show get free tickets or something? Whatever.

Banging your head on the wrong beat? We have a solution:

09.23.96 – Annandale-on-Hudson, NY – Bard College SMOGfest
09.29.06 – Philadelphia, PA – Surreal Sound Studios
09.30.06 – Baltimore, MD – Wham City
10.01.06 – Washington, DC – Warehouse Next Door
10.02.06 – Raleigh, NC – King's Barcade
10.03.06 – Atlanta, GA – Drunken Unicorn
10.04.06 – Nashville, TN – TBA
10.05.06 – Memphis, TN – Murphy's
10.06.06 – Dallas , TX – Gypsy Ballroom ) )==D —
10.07.06 – Austin, TX – Stubbs BBQ ) )==D —
10.08.06 – Houston, TX – Warehouse Live ) )==D —
10.09.06 – Tulsa , OK – Cain's Ballroom ) )==D —
10.10.06 – Chicago, IL – Empty Bottle
10.11.06 – Pittsburgh , PA – ON Space
10.12.06 – Toronto, ON – Sneaky Dee's
10.13.06 – Montreal, QC – ZooBizarre
10.14.06 – North Adams, MA – Contemporary Artists Center
10.15.06 – Boston, MA – TT the Bears

) )==D — w/ The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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