Just before the official news leaked, Sigur Rós sent their followers a mysteriously vague email. The subject line read "Jónsi" and the text bore a large "JÓNSI" in bold print. No other information beyond that was evident. And of course no one knew yet what "JÓNSI" was supposed to mean, except that in the purposefully vague land of Sigur Rós, it would eventually mean something, much like the slow build-up and celebratory release in one of their songs. They just thought they'd play with you first.

Not long after this occurred, Sigur Rós eventually provided the much-needed context surrounding "JÓNSI," and wouldn't you know it, Jónsi happens to be one of Sigur Ros' members, and he's debuting his new solo album, entitled Go. And can I just say how adorable it is that Sigur Rós is marketing one of their members' side projects instead of turning away and pretending it's barely happening? It's the sweetest! Peace, love, rainbows, and Iceland! Forget their crapping economy. This band will never suffer creative disputes and crumble away into the annals of post-rock history.

But more to the point, Go is set to be released on March 23 (U.S.), produced by Jónsi, Alex Somers, and Peter Katis (The National, Interpol) and featuring instrumental arrangements by indie composer Nico Muhly. Beautiful. Check out the tracklist below, and head to the official website for a free track.

1. Go Do
2. Animal Arithmetic
3. Tornado
4. Boy Lilikoi
5. Sinking Friendships
6. Kolnidur
7. Grow Till Tall
8. Around Us
9. Hengilas

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