2018 Bristol New Music fest collects Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Moritz Von Oswald, Rashad Becker, and more

2018 Bristol New Music fest collects Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Moritz Von Oswald, Rashad Becker, and more

Pack an overnight bag and a decent maps app for your smartphone, TMT-literate music aficionados. From Friday, April 20 through Sunday, April 22, The 3-day performance festival known as Bristol New Music will once again be spread across ten sound-filled venues scattered across the UK city.

Of most interest to TMT geeks will be a new work from modular synth guru Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, accompanied with specific visuals helmed by Sean Hellfritsch. Moritz Von Oswald and Rashad Becker will also play together in experimental electronic unity, bringing spectators an “alternate life to the piano.” Also check out the Eastern European folk stylings of A Hawk and a Hacksaw, the “Jimi Hendrix of the viola” Ulrich Mertin, and the trio of saxophonist Evan Parker, digital musician Matt Wright and cellist Hannah Marshall performing the curiously-titled “Trance Map.”

But the adventurous musical goodness doesn’t stop there; Bristol New Music also has a few more “uptown” events of particular note. “The Anatomy of the Orchestra” will play Steve Reich’s “The Four Sections” and allow listeners to walk through sections of the orchestra, providing a uniquely immersive experience. Tom Richards has built the graphical synthesizer designed but later abandoned by electronic music pioneer Daphne Oram, and will showcase the Mini-Oramics Machine alongside theremin maestro Sarah Angliss. And if that wasn’t enough to get peak your interest, the Spike Island gallery will host new work from AUDINT, an artist collective that includes Hyperdub founder Steve Goodman (a.k.a. Kode9), a multimedia installation that will let listeners experience subsonic and ultrasonic frequencies.

Head here for tons more info and to purchase tickets to select events…and maybe call off work on April 23? You’re gonna need a day to recover after this mighty massive multi-musical weekend.

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