33 1/3 reveal new books: Wendy Carlos, Massive Attack, The Wild Tchhoupitoulas

33 1/3 reveal new books: Wendy Carlos, Massive Attack, The Wild Tchhoupitoulas
Wendy Carlos (Photo: BBC)

A synth classic of synth-classical, a trip-hop foundational text, and a one-of-a-kind fusion of New Orleans funk and carnival music: These are all things you can now read about thanks to Bloomsbury’s 33 1/3 series.

Or, at least, you will be able to read about them soon. The publisher has just announced three new books, covering Wendy Carlos’ Switched-On Bach, Massive Attack’s Blue Lines, and the eponymous single album by the Wild Tchoupitoulas.

Switched-On Bach is authored by Roshanak Kheshti, and explores “significance of gender to the album’s phenomenal success,” per the announcement. Order the book here.

Blue Lines is authored by Ian Bourland and tells the story of how Massive Attack’s 1991 debut pioneered “the sonic playbook for an emerging future: hybrid, digital, cosmopolitan, and rooted in the black and immigrant communities who animated the urban wreckage of the postindustrial city.” Order that one here.

And finally, The Wild Tchoupitoulas is authored by Bryan Wagner and covers the album’s adaptation of Mardis Gras Indians’ traditional call-and-response carnival songs over the funk backing of The Meters and production by Allen Toussaint, creating a landmark document in the process. Order it here.

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