Antony and The Johnsons to release Swanlights in October

Antony and The Johnsons to release Swanlights in October

Antony and The Johnsons are BACK! In early October, the group will be releasing Swanlights, which serves as the title for both their fourth full-length album and a 144-page art book. The album will be released October 5 via Secretly Canadian (October 4 in the UK via Rough Trade), while the book — which will include artwork/writing by Antony, as well as the album on CD — will be released through Abrams Image. I don’t know how much the book costs, but I’m assuming it’s out of my budget since Mr P doesn’t pay me shit.

Anyway, I caught up with Antony on AIM to talk about the album. While I can’t verify that he’s in fact Antony of Antony and The Johnsons, I can verify that he was, for lack of a better word, “troubled”:


Me: Hey, man. Do you have time to talk?
Antony: I don’t know. Do u have time 2 just talk randomly out of nowhere?
Me: Um…
Antony: I mean, it’s not like I’m sitting here all day doing nothing.
Me: Oh, I didn’t think that. That’s why I asked if you have time. Are you busy right now?
Antony: No, I have nothing 2 do. Just YouTubin’.
Me: Find anything awesome?
Antony: Yes:
Me: Really awesome. Hey, want to talk about your new album Swanlights?
Antony: Wait, who r u again?
Me: My name’s Mango Starr, reporter for Tiny Mix Tapes. I got your AIM name through Abe.
Antony: Who’s Abe?
Me: I don’t know. Just some dude. I got his AIM name from Lucy via Gchat.
Antony: Ah, Lucy. She’s okay. I talk 2 her on Skype.
Me: Yeah, she’s great. I haven’t talked to her on Skype yet.
Antony: Shut up, Mango. You don’t know Lucy like I know Lucy. She’s helped me through sum troubling times.
Me: Wanna talk about those times?
Antony: Not really.
Me: Why not?
Antony: Because you’re a fucker, that’s y.
Me: What do you have against me?
Antony: U think u’re the shit. U think you can just IM me out of nowhere like this? IT’S FUCKING RUDE. I don’t IM u when u’re writing some stupid article for TinyMixedTapes, do I? It’s so fucking annoying that people just IM me expecting me 2 have some conversation w/ them out of the blue. I have a publicist 4 a reason, u know. I can’t just fucking field questions all day.
Me: Jeez, sorry…
Antony: Sorry you have an ugly face.
Me: Hey, no need to get personal.
Antony: Sorry your mom’s a fucking whore. What a slut. She hits on me.
Me: Really, please don’t talk like that…
Antony: Sorry your dad likes to hit you, you sorry sack of shit.
Me: Antony, please, I’m begging you… I’ve been going through some hard times lately.
Antony: Awwww, poor Mango! Poor wittle baby!! Wah wah wah wah wah!! Hey everybody, I’m Mango. I’m stupid and going through hard times! POOR ME!!
Antony: Hey hey, that’s really sweet. Where’d you find that?
Me: I just searched YouTube a little… thought you might find it beneficial.
Antony: Shit, Mango… sorry I treated u like an asshole earlier. I mean, people just can’t IM me out of nowhere, you know? I hate that.
Me: No, yeah, no…I totally understand. I’ll let you get to your whistling.
Antony: Thanks.
Antony: Mango?
Antony: Hey, sorry again Mango.
Antony: Hello?
Me: Yeah?
Antony: Sorry again. Thanks 4 the link.
Me: No problem.
Antony: Did u see that IM where I said I can whistle loudly now?
Me: Yep!
Antony: Oh, why didn’t u respond?
Me: Sorry, I’m in the middle of a few things.
Antony: Oh…
Me: I’ll hit you back later, okay?
Antony: Whatever… I might be gone by then.
Me: Oh, well, no big deal then. Talk to you some other day.
Antony: Well, just IM me in case. I might be around for a bit.

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