Errors intentionally release mini-album, tour, and continue to be better than my dad

Errors intentionally release mini-album, tour, and continue to be better than my dad

The difference between my dad’s synth-goth band from the 80s, Simple Mistakes, and current band Errors is that my dad really did make a lot of mistakes. The Errors don’t allow errors and, “no room for errors,” is possibly their band motto. I mean, my dad accidentally dropped me in the toilet as a baby and the toilet was filled with razorblades. It made no sense!

Regardless of my dad’s mistakes, it’s heartwarming to have a musical influence like Errors to look up to. The group’s “error-free” eight-track mini-album New Relics will be released in October on Mogwai’s Rock Action Records label and a tour will follow in the UK. The album will be released on CD, 12-inch, digital download, and, just to be error-free, a 200-limited VHS version (not a joke!). The VHS version will include visual representations of the songs, including a collaboration with Rachel Maclean, who directed Errors’ video for “Pleasure Palaces.”

I tried calling my dad to tell him that I love him and that I forgive him for all of his mistakes. Unfortunately, my mom picked up and informed me that my dad had accidentally fallen asleep again. So, I listened to the Errors track for “Relics” from the new album and I found my peace.


10.10.12 - Manchester, UK - Soup Kitchen
10.11.12 - Norwich, UK - Sound & Vision Festival
10.12.12 - Newcastle, UK - Hoults Yard
10.13.12 - Edinburgh, UK - Electric Circus
10.17.12 - Nottingham, UK - Bodega
10.18.12 - London, UK - Heaven
10.19.12 - Bristol, UK - The Cooler
10.20.12 - Cardiff, UK - SWN Festival

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