Interpol frontman Paul Banks releases a tribute to lending institutions on his new LP Banks

Interpol frontman Paul Banks releases a tribute to lending institutions on his new LP Banks

It takes a bold man to name his new solo album after himself. We’re not talking “self-titled album” here. We’re talking full-on, “this is one of the names on my birth certificate and let’s be honest, it’s a total baller name, so I’m gonna let it blaze in all its fire hot glory”-titled album. And now, in the grand tradition of Madonna, Fabio, and Bates from Downton Abbey, Interpol’s Banks — Paul Banks — is giving props to one of his names and going the James Bond route for his new LP, which is simply called… Banks. No word on the impetus behind the album title, however, so let’s not make assumptions. Perhaps Paul Banks (also known as a solo artist under his Julian Plenti moniker) is just a big fan of the large corporate entities that hold his savings? Or maybe he’s just really, really into the sloping sand/dirt leading down to a river. Heck, I don’t know, maybe dude just thinks it’s time to steep natural inclines their due. We just don’t know. Because like many a rogue cop who solves crimes in unexpected (yet snappy!) ways, Paul Banks is a LOOSE CANNON.

I mean, all the signs say “loose cannon.” This is a man who, on his last Julian Plenti EP, covered three tracks of varying levels of “ok I can see that” to “wait, what?”, including a J Dilla track, a Sinatra joint, and… the theme song from the 1987 Schwarzenegger flick The Running Man. Is it only a matter of time before Paul Banks solves MUSIC in unexpected (yet snappy!) ways? Peep the single “The Base” at Pitchfork and hear for yourself. Banks the album makes its steep incline into record stores come October 23 via Matador.

Banks tracklisting:

01. The Base
02. Over My Shoulder
03. Arise, Awake
04. Young Again
05. Lisbon
06. I’ll Sue You
07. Paid For That
08. Another Chance
09. No Mistakes
10. Summertime Is Coming

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