Maserati announce Maserati VII, then they do about a million donuts in their rad car

Maserati announce Maserati VII, then they do about a million donuts in their rad car

A Maserati is one cool car. I guess. I don’t know things about cars, also I don’t care about cars. Still, I have this impression that a Maserati is a cool car. Lil’ Wayne mentioned a Maserati in “A Milli,” but I initially confused it with illuminati, which is a different thing. The other thing I thought of when he said Maserati was the post-rock band from Atlanta, who I also assumed named themselves after the illuminati. Again, different thing. Somewhere along the line, I figured out it was a car. With that settled, hey, Maserati (the band) are coming out with a new record! On October 2, Temporary Residence will release Maserati VII, a record which may or may not be their seventh album. Honestly, I’m a little fuzzy.

Though the band’s recent history has been shaped by the tragic death of drummer Jerry Fuchs, Maserati knows they’ve got to keep cruising their cool car down the road. Maserati VII is their first record written since Fuchs’ death, with the band hoping to capture the spirit the late drummer bought to the band during his tenure. As the album’s press release states, the group’s new drummer Mike Albanese (of Cinemechanica) has a level of “dexterity and stamina [that] proves a perfect fit for Maserati’s trademark relentless, driving rhythms and epic song lengths.” Elsewhere, the album’s described as “Moroder Metal,” which sounds like the coolest thing to ever happen. Well, until I do all these donuts in an abandoned quarry. Nothing’s cooler than quarry donuts.

Maserati VII tracklist:

01. San Angeles
02. Martin Rev
03. The Eliminator
04. Flashback
05. Abracadabracab
06. Solar Exodus
07. Lunar Drift
08. Earth-Like
09. San Tropea

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