Pavement and Broken Social Scene to Co-Headline Toronto Island Concert; Indie Minds Blown Around the World

If the Toronto Island Concert were a person, they’d probably be clad in tight pants, a snug flannel, thick-rimmed glasses, a beard, Nietzsche in their back pocket, and plenty of advice for the best ways to get around NYC’s pesky no-smoking-in-bars ban. But seriously, all rotten stereotypes aside, this is some exciting news. Press releases have been a-flowin’, chock full o’ news about the Toronto Island Concert’s latest lineup. This year, you can expect to see Toronto’s very own alt-popsters, Broken Social Scene (the atom from which all Toronto indie bands divide), PAVEMENT (girlish squeal!!), and the ever-dependable indie rockers Band of Horses.

Pavement, who are newly reunited and coming out with a greatest hits album Quarantine the Past, are including this Toronto date as part of their overarching 2010 tour. Toronto Island Concert is an all-day music event taking place on (you guessed it) Toronto Island. The music-making will commence on June 19, 2010 — and stay tuned for further lineup updates!

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