Thurston Moore joins Twilight; pre-teen girls around the world say “What?”

Thurston Moore joins Twilight; pre-teen girls around the world say "What?"

There are so many lame jokes to be made about Thurston Moore joining Twilight. Like, for example, I could talk about vampires. Or plasticine non-threatening teen heartthrob werewolves. Or The Greatest News Story of Our Time, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s custody dispute over their dog. (Yes, this is an actual thing that’s happening. It showed up when I googled Pattinson because I wasn’t sure how to spell his name.) But who needs lame jokes and sexy Mormon vampires when the truth is so much more glittering, more exciting, and straight up more… METAL? Because, you see, Moore is joining black metal supergroup Twilight, along with singer/guitarist Blake Judd (Nachtmystium), Stavros Giannopoulos (The Atlas Moth), Jef Whitehead a.k.a. Wrest (Leviathan), Imperial (Neil Jameson from Krieg), and producer Sanford Parker. Your new metal overlords will be taking to the studio in August to work on this fall’s forthcoming album for Century Media.

Judd is very excited about the addition of Moore to the lineup. Like, OMG!!!!! excited. As he told 1st Five, “I had Sonic Youth records when I was 12. And to now know that, not only am I having a dialogue with this person about anything, but dude’s gonna join a band I started, and it’s like… whoah. Fucking amazing, amazing feeling.” The two are acquainted through Sanford, who ran a studio with Sonic Youth’s soundman Jeremy Lemos, and spent a lot of time shopping for black woolen capes with one another. In other Thurston Moore related news, dude is now playing with Chelsea Light Moving, his new band that’s signed to Matador. And fans can expect a September 25 release from YOKOKIMTHURSTON, the collaboration between Yoko Ono, Kim Gordon, and Thurston Moore before Sonic Youth called Time Out. Additionally, Lee Ranaldo has told reporters that Sonic Youth is prepping a live album and tour film, despite the fact that they’re still on hiatus.

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