Heavy deets: Aaron Turner’s Sumac ready The Deal for February 27 release on Profound Lore

Heavy deets: Aaron Turner's Sumac ready The Deal for February 27 release on Profound Lore

Whether as a part of Isis, Mamiffer or Old Man Gloom, Aaron Turner brings an unmistakably hulking presence to any recording that includes his name. But despite his past achievements in the ear-encumbering arts, last year saw the guitarist and label impresario looking to throw even more weight onto his already substantial sound. This quest for heft led him to the doorstep of Baptists’ drummer Nick Yacyshyn, who joined ranks with Turner in 2014 to form the mighty Sumac. The dark fruits of the duo’s labor will not be fully revealed until the February 27 release of The Deal on Profound Lore, but feel free to get a steady, teeth-clenching headbang on to “Thorn in the Lion’s Paw” below.

Besides the twin powers of Turner and Yacyshyn, The Deal also features the bass work of none other than Brian Cook of Russian Circles and Botch fame. Plus, Turner insists that Sumac is a “real, full-time band,” so abandon any fears that the group will become just another tantalizing one-off in the annals of black metal. The band will soon announce an extensive tour and other “live actions,” although all three musicians involved will of course continue to make other great things. As for the record itself, those ashen souls already familiar with the participants’ previous work will encounter a kind of doom they’ve unlikely heard before, while weirdos of other stripes are sure to appreciate The Deal’s tweezy, This Heat-esque buzz and fuzz.

The Deal tracklist:

01. Spectral Gold
02. Thorn in the Lion’s Paw
03. Hollow King
04. Blight’s End Angel
05. The Deal
06. The Radiance of Being

• Sumac: https://www.facebook.com/SUMACBAND
• Profound Lore: https://www.profoundlorerecords.com
• Aaron Turner: http://aaronbturner.blogspot.com

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