Abe Vigoda release new LP Crush this fall as music journalists scramble for adjectives

Abe Vigoda release new LP Crush this fall as music journalists scramble for adjectives

Coldwave, surfer punk, pell-mell pop, dream pop, tropical punk. Abe Vigoda have had all these labels thrown on them and more, but just as quickly and with zero hesitation will soon throw them off, kick ‘em to the curb, spit menacingly, and strut off. They are at all times all of these things, and none. For those who’ve been tracing the band since way back, you’ll understand what I mean when I say that when it comes to Abe Vigoda, expect nothing and also everything.

This is the attitude that should be taken when approaching Crush, the forthcoming long-player (their fourth, though the number varies depending on who you ask) from the L.A. quartet. Crush, as in both “I got a thing for you” and “I want to pummel you.” Get it? The album will be released through the No Age-run Post Present Medium label in the U.S. and Bella Union over there in the U.K. Before the U.K./U.S. release dates of September 20 and September 21, respectively, the band will be tossin’ out the first single from the album. The song is titled “Throwing Shade” and it’ll be carved onto 7-inch vinyl via the same two labels responsible for the full-length. Expect that little guy out August 24 stateside and September 13 across the pond. Following the recent drummer switcheroo, who knows, maybe we’ll hear some hints of free jazz on this one, or maybe some trip-hop… or drum n bass! Go ahead and start coming up with some irrelevant musical genres to attach to this one.

• Abe Vigoda: http://www.myspace.com/abevigoda
• Post Present Medium: http://postpresentmedium.com

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