ADULT. Are Nice Enough To Give You A New LP & Tour

Detroit is known for a lot of things. Dubious distinctions like being one of the most dangerous cities in the USA, having a horrible professional football team, a worse Mayor, and a willingness to let "developers" "develop" historic buildings into parking lots (fuck you, Ilitch). On the positive side, the city has produced truly great artists in genres like [?R&B], [?Rock 'N' Roll], and [?Electronica]. In the made-up (by me) genre of Discordant 'n' Electro 'n' Tense 'n' Punk, one of the greats has to be ADULT. (all caps and the period every time, so get used to it). Adding punk elements to electronic music with a sly, sarcastic, and sexy energy has rarely been done better than how Detroit's own ADULT. do it.

Core members Adam Lee Miller and Nicola Kuperus have put out three full-length LPs under the ADULT. moniker since 2001, with their last, Gimme Trouble (TMT Review) being released by Thrill Jockey in 2005. The band have seen members come and go over the years, but with their upcoming fourth album, the self-produced Why Bother? (due March 20 on Thrill Jockey), the group is back to the original duo of Miller & Kuperus. The LP was written by M & K at their own Woodhouse Studios over a 4-month period and recorded in nearby Benton Harbor at the The Key Club Recording Co. in late October 2006. This marks the first time an ADULT. LP was recorded outside of Woodhouse. As the band told me, via-email, they feel that this record, more that their others, is the "most accurate culmination of our disordered hysteria."

When pressed (pretty hard, I am a professional after all), the band said the sound of WB? is "uneasy listening for uneasy times." They went on to explain that they are trying to "contextualize 'folk' for our intent and advocate the importance of being folk," clarifying further that "folk suggests a culture content to operate 'outside'; the place where we are most at ease." So, it's gonna sound like Devendra, MV+EE or James Taylor? Wrong. "With that explanation, this must be a folk record, but realistically it would probably be that kind of 'folk' that conjures up images of "Deliverance", "Motel Hell's" Farmer Vincent or Leatherface's family life."

The group will be performing live, as a duo, on a tour with Parts & Labor and Erase Errata in tow, set to begin in March.

Tracklist for Why Bother?:

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