Adult Swim takes DOOM’s Missing Notebook Rhymes too literally, deletes them and cut ties with DOOM under mysterious circumstances

Adult Swim takes DOOM's Missing Notebook Rhymes too literally, deletes them and cut ties with DOOM under mysterious circumstances
In a (possible) statement, Doom said absolutely nothing and just looked like THIS.

The Missing Notebook Rhymes, DOOM’s collaboration with Adult Swim, has turned out to be prophetic, as Adult Swim announced today that they have ended their relationship with DOOM.

The Missing Notebook Rhymes saw Adult Swim releasing a new DOOM-affiliated track every Tuesday for a planned 15 weeks — which, yes, basically would have amounted to whole brand new DOOM album once completed. Technically, DOOM’s most recent solo album was 2009’s Born Like This; although he had put out collaborative albums under names such as Madvillian, DANGERDOOM, Doomstarks, JJ DOOM and NeruvianDOOM (and probably like 36 other cool pseudonyms that the public doesn’t even know exist) in the ensuing years.

Seven of the intended 15 Missing Notebook Rhymes tracks had been released so far. They included appearances by Kool Keith, the late Sean Price, and Jay Electronica on “True Lightyears,” the first track credited to DOOM’s ‘90s alternative hip-hop group KMD in more than two decades. DOOM had previously worked with Adult Swim to release the aforementioned DANGERDOOM album, The Mouse and the Mask, with Danger Mouse.

But now, alas! Adult Swim has removed those seven already-released tracks from their website. And it sure doesn’t sound likely that we’ll ever see the other eight anytime soon. In a statement issued to Mass Appeal, they said:

Adult Swim is ending our relationship with DOOM, and thus, the remaining Missing Notebook Rhymes will have to remain… missing. We are glad to have had the chance to provide the previous free tracks to our fans.

DOOM has not commented.

This is all especially troubling news if you, like me, were naively waiting to listen to all of The Missing Notebook Rhymes once the series was complete. Finding all of the tracks in one place just got (slightly) more inconvenient.

On the bright side, a new DOOM track was released today, in the form of WESTSIDEDOOM’s “GORILLA,” the first track to come from DOOM’s collaboration with Westside Gunn. So, check that out down below. (Then, check it out 14 additional times, and we’ll be basically all-good.)

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