Adventure beats level, advances to third album Weird Work

Adventure beats level, advances to third album Weird Work

Up, up, down, down, A, B, A, B, left, right, right, left, A, A, up, down, select, start, then select and start at the same time. If you do it right, that’s the cheat code you’ll need to release an awesome nugget of news about Adventure’s new album! Oh shit, I just spoiled the surprise. You should still try that out next time you’re playing your old NES (any game should do the trick), but here’s the DL in the meantime: Baltimore’s Benny Boeldt is set to drop a new Adventure record right into your cartridge slot on April 30 courtesy of Carpark Records. THIS April 30. Line up outside the GameStop and then when it’s time, walk over to the Best Buy next door, find out they don’t have anything worth buying, then go to your local record store and buy the new Adventure record, titled Weird Work.

The new album definitely has a more evolved IDM vibe (think old, REALLY fun Squarepusher), but each track still sounds like it could be the background music for any given Mega Man level (this is a good thing). Hear first single and final album track “Happiness” below.

Weird Work tracklist:

01. Days Off
02. Laser Blast
03. Nervous
04. Flower
05. Reality Shift
06. Alone
07. Constantly
08. Catching Up
09. Happiness

• Adventure:
• Carpark:

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