Ahnnu announces new album Special Forces on NNA Tapes (sans the obligatory beret and fatigues)

Ahnnu announces new album Special Forces on NNA Tapes (sans the obligatory beret and fatigues)
Photo: Daniel Bashin

“I just want to keep putting out material, get some more CDs and tapes out there, and hopefully some coffee mugs.”
– Ahnnu

We’re probably still a ways away from Leland Jackson brand coffee mugs, but when it comes to the rest of his expressed aspirations, the artist principally known in the music world as Ahnnu (and also sometimes Cakedog) is well on his way to fulfilling his desire to fling more physical media out into the world.

Although Jackson’s earlier work as Ahnnu has a more audible hip-hop bent, recent releases like Battered Sphinx release on NNA Tapes — followed by Perception (one of our favorite releases of 2015) — featured more and more sounds born of Jackson’s own creation. And now comes Special Forces, which, according to the label, features “very few” outside samples. Instead, the new 13-track long-player finds Ahnnu employing and blending a bevy of his own synth patches to “evoke a jagged science fiction.”

Special Forces is out December 1 on NNA Tapes, and the first 100 LP copies will come on translucent Red w/ Black Splatter vinyl. Check out the video trailer for album track “Return of Junkman” (created by Peter Nichols) down below and pre-order the album now (still no coffee mugs, unfortunately, but if you choose the “LP+Shirt” bundle, you do get an “exclusive limited edition t-shirt featuring the ‘Special Forces’ cover artwork!). Lastly, check out the cover art and full album tracklisting, also down below. Let’s hear it for “material!”

Special Forces tracklisting:

01. Passing through a horizontal slit
02. The terrible one
03. Senseless
04. Two squares
05. Cat shoe
06. Laughing
07. Pluck-jump-freeze
08. Striker sound
09. Latro
10. Return of junkman
11. War stage
12. Bubble horn
13. Daydream/blink edit

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