Aïsha Devi insists that you call your genetics, announces new album DNA Feelings on Houndstooth, shares track

Aïsha Devi insists that you call your genetics, announces new album DNA Feelings on Houndstooth, shares track
Photo: Emile Barret

The Swiss-born, Nepalese-Tibetan producer Aïsha Devi released her debut album Of Matter and Spirit via the Houndstooth label in 2015, and even if you weren’t familiar with the her previous work under the Kate Wax pseudonym — or you didn’t know the philosophy behind her now-established Danse Noire label — it was hard to avoid the conclusion after you listened that Devi was trying upend certain notions that we have about music. Danse Noire was reportedly founded partially as a “revolt against mainstream dance music,” but on that album, it was clear that Devi was trying to show her audience that music can go way deeper than just surface-level listening and hedonistic enjoyment: I’m talking about music touching your very soul and connecting with you on a spiritual level. That soul then says, “holy shit, this is pretty tyte.”

Of Matter and Spirit was one step in the biological permeation process, and DNA Feelings, Aisha Devi’s new album — out May 11 on Houndstooth — promises to be the next. I’m mostly going by the track titles here…but there’s also the actual track, “Inner State Of Alchemy,” which you can listen to below. Repetition is key when it comes to getting your internal cells in motion, so the heavy bass hits do much of the job there, while Devi’s variable pitch vocals go quite a ways toward making us feel as though someone’s speaking to us. A being not of this Earth. Who lives behind the white lights and eats powdered donuts all day.

In other words: “holy shit, this is pretty tyte.” You should maybe smash that pre-order link and look forward to this one.

DNA Feelings tracklisting:

01. DNA ☤ ∞
02. Dislocation Of The Alpha
03. Intentional Dreams
04. Aetherave
05. Hyperlands
06. Inner State Of Alchemy
07. Light Luxury
08. Genesis Of Ohm
09. Time (Tool)
10. Time Is The Illusion Of Solidity
11. Cell Stems Spa

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