Aisha Devi’s Danse Noire label to release new album by Cuban–German producer Réelle this May

Aisha Devi's Danse Noire label to release new album by Cuban–German producer Réelle this May
Photo: Elizabeth Hinojos

DAMN, folks. Here’s a news story for you:

Not one to wear mental illness like a cross, German-via-Cuban artist Réelle uses their schizophrenia as a source of inspiration for the waaaaay experimental electronic jams they have laid down for their second album with Danse Noire called Ghamccccxc vRR. The album explores the moments before Réelle’s first schizophrenic psychosis and sits somewhere between Arca and an acid trip.

“Schizophrenia is said to limit a person’s abilities overall,” Réelle says. “My discovery was that it opened a gate to limbic realms not accessible under normal circumstances — at least not to me…”

Most of the album’s very outre sounds, as well as the album’s very unpronounceable title, were created “during psychosis without me consciously knowing what I’m doing. Therefore I also can’t remember when or why I wrote down Ghamccccxc vRR on a piece of paper.”

The lead single “Floating” is floating down below, and in case the clip, press photo, and cover art don’t make it quite obvious, we’ll spell it out for you…Réelle’s got a thing for stockings too!

So, stay tuned in to Danse Noir for ordering info, and strap in for one of the most startling unique albums to drop in 2018. C’mon, seriously: image synthesis as a compositional technique? Audio non-sequiturs? Foreign melodic life-forms? AND an unpronounceable album title!? Ticks ALL the boxes.

Ghamccccxc vRR traccccckliSSTing:

01. Animal
02. Luciferian
03. Hybris
04. Head Held High
05. Unfold
06. Floating
07. All I Have Left
08. Pink
09. Fluid Metals
10. Lilith
11. Kissing Myself

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