Alaskan duo Termination Dust announce fall tour dates with Modest Mouse, share new video

Alaskan duo Termination Dust announce fall tour dates with Modest Mouse, share new video

For those of you who don’t find yourselves regularly chilling in the great state of Alaska (e.g. panning for gold, cold-smoking delicious fish, painting mountains using Bob Ross’s patented wet-on-wet technique, etc.) termination dust a is a term they use up there to describe “a light, high-altitude snowfall that indicates the end of summer.”

I’m not native to those parts myself, but, majestic as it probably is, that…uh…sounds like…kind of a bummer?

Fortunately, Termination Dust is also the name of a propulsive indie rock band hailing from Minneapolis (by way of the hearty Alaskan city of Anchorage) who recently released their latest blistering seven-song EP It’s Never Too Late on the Glacial Pace label.

And that sounds like…the complete OPPOSITE of a bummer!

ESPECIALLY given the exciting news that the band — a duo which consists of songwriters Jaybird Parkhurst and Stefanie Vigoren, by the way — have just announced that they’ll be marking the end of summer NOT with silence and frigidity, but by throwing on their brightest fall jackets and stepping-out for a series of dates with another little “propulsive indie rock band” you might have heard of called Modest the fuck Mouse!

Yeah. Exactly: holy shit.

To celebrate this emphatically non-bummer occasion, the pair has just unleashed a delightfully messy and colorful new video for the EP track “White Walls.” View it down below, followed by the full tour date itinerary. And screw SUMMER; let’s get pumped for an amazing FALL! <3

Tour dates:

09.17.18 - La Crosse, WI - La Crosse Center $
09.18.18 - Duluth, MN - DECC Symphony Hall $
09.19.18 - Green Bay, WI - Brown Country Veterans Memorial Arena $
09.20.18 - Milwaukee, WI - Quarters *
09.21.18 - Fort Wayne, IN - Foellinger Outdoor Theater $
09.22.18 - Waukegan, IL - Genesee Theater $
09.24.18 - South Bend, IN - Morris Performing Arts Center $
09.26.18 - London, OT - Foam Dome *
09.27.18 - Rochester, NY - Loony Bin *
09.28.18 - Long Island, NY - Death Castle/Dust Bowl *
09.29.18 - New Haven, CT - (House Show) *
09.30.18 - Brooklyn, NY - Bushwick Public House *
10.01.18 - Long Branch, NY - Shore Caribbean *
10.02.18 - Philadelphia, PA - Tundra Dome *
10.03.18 - Pittsburgh, PA - Mr. Roboto *
10.04.18 - Columbus, OH - Bourbon Street *
10.06.18 - Iowa City, IA - Public Space One *
10.07.18 - Minneapolis, MN - Hi-Watt House *

$ Modest Mouse
* Granddad

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