Alva Noto, Mika Vainio, and Ryoji Ikeda to release Live 2002 on Noton Records

Alva Noto, Mika Vainio, and Ryoji Ikeda to release Live 2002 on Noton Records
The new release documents the only time the trio performed live.

Way back in 1999, two forward-thinking labels, Noton and RasterMusic, joined forces to create Raster-Noton, a bastion to some of the tastiest “listening” electronic music (“IDM” for you 90s kids) out there. For two decades, the imprint featured artists like William Basinski, Vladislav Delay, and Cosey Fanni Tutti; but it specialized in complex, glitchy works from folks like Byetone, Frank Bretschneider, and Kim Cascone. The label is a major home for machine-made music.

This year, Raster-Noton restructured back into Noton and Raster-Media. Carsten Nicolai, who started the original Noton and records as Alva Noto, will operate Noton independently. The decision must have been invigorating, as Nicolai just had a searing set down at the 14th edition of Mutek Mexico City, where his blistering beats and flashing oscilloscope visuals stood in stark contrast to the night’s earlier ambient sets.

Noton’s forthcoming release Live 2002 documents a live performance at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art featuring three Raster-Noton veterans: Mike Vainio, Ryoji Ikeda, and Alva Noto himself. The event marked the only time the three artists performed together, and serves as a farewell to Vainio, who passed away this year. The release also promises “sublime drone darkness through what sounds like a massive computer server centre playing dancehall.” We should hope for nothing less.

Grab Live 2002 on CD, vinyl and digital January 20. Better pre-order just in case.

Live 2002 tracklisting:

01. Movements 1
02. Movements 2
03. Movements 3
04. Movements 4
05. Movements 5
06. Movements 6
07. Movements 7
08. Movements 8
09. Movements 9
10. Movements 10
11. Movements 11

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