Amen Dunes discovers that Freedom doesn’t come free, announces new album (which costs money)

Amen Dunes discovers that Freedom doesn’t come free, announces new album (which costs money)
Photo: Michael Schmelling

Since obviously no one else is really picking up the ball and running with this whole “music thing” so far in 2018, New Yorkian singer-songwriter Damon McMahon has decided to strike out as Amen Dunes once again with the release of his fifth LP, Freedom, out March 30 on Sacred Bones. Amen, dudes! (Actually, amen, everyone: gender is over!)

Anyway, I know this insane winter weather has you just itching for those toasty indie rock vibes, so let’s get right to the good stuff: promotional album descriptions! Here’s a fresh one now:

On the surface, Freedom is a reflection on growing up, childhood friends who ended up in prison or worse, male identity, McMahon’s father, and his mother, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer at the beginning of recording. The characters that populate the musical world of the album are a colorful mix of reality and fantasy. Each character portrait is a representation of McMahon, of masculinity, and of his past.

Well, that’s pretty heavy and I feel I must apologize for my earlier flippant remarks.

But we wouldn’t leave you hanging ten without a far out taste of this swell record, brah bodacious fellow human! McMahon has shared the first new track from the album, “Miki Dora,” named after the legendary surfer. (Oh, see? Now all the puns in the last sentence have somehow become a coherent part of this article’s narrative!) Watch the new video for “Miki Dora” below, which features a cheeky homage to The 400 Blows — if that’s what you’re into — as well as plenty of slow-motion sidewalk running. (Is it really running if it’s slow motion? This and many more questions will be answered March 30!)

Still not satisfied? Well, you can always read the full tracklist for Freedom down below, pre-order it now on CD and vinyl, and make sure to check out Amen Dunes on the road soon with a brand new live band (sorry, McMahon; looks like you’re out of a job). Dates for that are also below. And with that…I guess I’ll catch you on the foam, dogs. Hang loose!

Freedom tracklisting:

01. Intro
02. Blue Rose
03. Time
04. Skipping School
05. Calling Paul the Suffering
06. Miki Dora
07. Satudarah
08. Believe
09. Dracula
10. Freedom
11. L.A.

Amen Dunes dates:

03.31.18 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg
04.14.18 - Marfa, TX - Marfa Myths
05.02.18 - London, UK - Omeara
06.14-17.18 - Dover, DE - Firefly Music Festival

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