Anamanaguchi Anamanannounce Anamananew Anamanalbum

Anamanaguchi Anamanannounce Anamananew Anamanalbum

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Ha! You probably thought this story wasn’t ready to be published yet. But actually, that familiar Latin refrain is part of the lyrics to the new Anamanaguchi single “Lorem Ipsum (Arctic Anthem).” The song isn’t some placeholder while the band tests the typesetting on their synths either, it’s the first taste of their new album [USA], out October 25 via Polyvinyl.

While many of us know “Lorem ipsum” from the context of it being god-tier dummy text, the song draws from its original source: Cicero’s discourse on pleasure versus goodness, a deep cut from the 1st century BC. “La la la,” goes the song’s chorus, taking the words everyone sings when they cannot come up with anything of substance, and singing them as if they were the national anthem for a country of musically-inclined computer programs.

Per Anamanaguchi’s Peter Berkman, “This song deals with environmental forces so immense as to be beyond our control, but not our ability to notice and grasp the effects they bear on us. And commenting on the [USA] as a whole, Berkman said, “There’s a lot more in the album about these unavoidable realities — conditions, names, identities, labels — that none of us chose, but have to learn to live with.”

Salute the flag that’s just the US flag but the stars are the robot emoji, by listening to “Lorem Ipsum (Arctic Anthem)” down below. Also check out the full track listing for [USA] (the official artwork is still TBA, though that flag with robot emojis idea sounds pretty dope…). And Lorem your ipsum by pre-ordering [USA] here.

[USA] trackamanalisting:

01. [ U S A ]
02. Lorem Ipsum (Arctic Anthem)
03. The C R T Woods
04. Speak To You [Memory Messengers]
05. Sunset By Plane
06. Air On Line
07. Apophenia Light [Name Eaters]
08. Overwriting Incorporate
09. B S X
10. On My Own
11. Up To You
12. Tear
13. We Die
14. [ L O M ]

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