…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead announce 2xLP reissue of… yeah, that album (Source Tags & Codes)

...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead announce 2xLP reissue of... yeah, that album (Source Tags & Codes)

Suspicion was probably roused subsequent to reading one of the longest band names ever, but for those who didn’t jump on the bandwagon early by picking up their first two indie endeavors, I’d guess that their ultimate realization of …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead’s awesomeness occurred about 10 seconds into “Baudelaire,” the third track on the Austin-based, post-hardcore band’s seminal album, Source Tags & Codes. The way the drums hit you in harmony on that track was akin to a queue of life coaches spontaneously breaking down your door with a sledgehammer. And lest you think that the rest of their major label debut was a simple stroll through lavender fields, tracks of equal intensity (minus the climactic “After the Laughter”) ultimately pummeled until the eponymous conclusion. Some of us still haven’t caught our breath in the intervening 15 years. Can we lovingly blame Trail of Dead for any new asthma cases post-2002?

Let’s put a pin in that hypothetical — especially since a double-vinyl reissue of Source Tags & Codes has just been announced for our exhaustive pleasure. It’s out August 11 courtesy of Interscope/UMe, and, in addition to the tracks that we previously associated with the album, it’ll feature three rare ones sneakily found elsewhere: “Invocation,” “Life Is Elsewhere,” and “Blood Rites” (which appears on the Relative Ways / Homage single, for instance).

Aesthetics-wise, check things out for yourself through the various pre-orders here. It’s worth pointing out that 500 copies of a navy vinyl alternative will be available through The Sound of Vinyl. Otherwise, the typical black with a reminiscent Henry Miller etching is basically what you’re getting.

And speaking of “what you’re getting,” here’s the original opening track, “It Was There That I Saw You,” in case you were, like, a three-year-old 15 years ago (it’s not your fault…well, mostly).

Source Tags & Codes 2xLP tracklisting:

A1. Invocation
A2. It Was There That I Saw You
A3. Another Morning Stoner
A4. Baudelaire
A5. Homage
B1. How Near, How Far
B2. Life Is Elsewhere
B3. Heart In The Hand Of The Matter
B4. Monsoon
B5. Days Of Being Wild
C1. Relative Ways
C2. After The Laughter
C3. Source Tags & Codes
C4. Blood Rites

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