Andy Stott announces new album Too Many Voices

Andy Stott announces new album Too Many Voices

Energetic yelps came with his increasing popularity, but surely Andy Stott’s not growing tired of that just yet; it’s only been a few years since the (roughly) Manchester resident quit his job painting cars in order to pursue his music career full-time, and the rest of us haven’t even begun to meet bass with voice in a manner that would make now-elderly Beatles fans remove their hearing aids. I’ve witnessed the extraordinary bass love myself at more than one Andy Stott show, and what caught me by surprise was not just the fact that people were energized by it, but how easily people vibrated to objects that clearly weren’t meant to be used as standing or sitting aids. There was a dude hanging on a decorative chandelier a split second after I’d just been looking up there, Stott’s heavy rhythms the obvious propellant.

Too Many Voices is out April 22 on the reliable Modern Love, and I expect a mild evolution from Stott’s recent, attention-getting work. Long-time vocal collaborator and prior piano teacher of Stott, Alison Skidmore, is reportedly featured on half the tracks, and the tracks themselves were recorded over the span of 18 months following the release of 2014’s Faith In Strangers (one of our favorite albums from that year).

Here’s the brand new vid for the track “Butterflies”:

Too Many Voices tracklisting:

01. Waiting For You
02. Butterflies
03. New Romantic
04. First Night Alone
05. Forgotten
06. Selfish
07. On My Mind
08. Over
09. Too Many Voices

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