Chris Cooper’s Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase drops Bidden via Jason Lescalleet’s Glistening Examples

Chris Cooper's Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase drops Bidden via Jason Lescalleet's Glistening Examples

Has your stereo spectrum for too long remained unperturbed? On this shineless day of all shineless days do you find yourself craving pokes and jabs at the outer edges of that spectrum? Well, friend, have I got a thing for you. Or rather, has Chris Cooper’s Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase project by way of Jason Lescalleet’s Glistening Examples imprint got a thing for you in the form of Bidden, a brand-new release that Lescalleet first teased in an interview with us toward the end of last year. It follows 2011’s Seashard on Senufo Editions, Cooper’s most recent release under the Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase heading, and it collects six of his compositions from between 1996 and 2009, as well as one new 18-minute composition from 2014. Cooper, of course, has also worked with the likes of Caroliner, Fat Worm of Error, and Deerhoof over the years. As Bhob Rainey, head guy in The BSC with whom Cooper sometimes collaborates, says, “no one does layers like Chris Cooper. No one handles so many skittering, teeming particles with such (alien) bar room elegance,” which is precisely why I’m recommending this latest Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase release as a salve for your weird habit of referring to your “stereo spectrum” as “unperturbed.”

The release of Bidden also brings with it a so-new-it-just-might-burst video for the album’s track “Cpl. Rhomboid, Tantalizing.” The video, which presents an array of scattered and scattering images that perfectly complement Cooper’s warped and diverging style, was created by Matthew Revert, who also did the layout for Bidden, and who also has a very cool album of his own out right now on Kye. The video, which we have the pleasure of premiering, is embedded below.

And perhaps you are thinking to yourself that this release is not enough to satisfy your deep and abiding desire for your head space to get crackled. Well then, it is advised that you delve as well into Lescalleet’s own latest release This is What I Do - Volume 5, the fifth in his ongoing monthly series — it’s available to order, but only for a month, on the Glistening Examples Bandcamp.

Bidden tracklist:

01. The Arduous Transmigration of an Incongruous Plastic Child
02. The Talons of the lunozmyerts
03. Slugwater
04. Teal Ted Stares at the Last Deer State
05. Reveille and Commiseration
06. Cpl. Rhomboid, Tantalizing
07. Feldweg

This is What I Do - Volume Five tracklist:

01. Watchmaker
02. New Age Fake Cupcakes
03. Asheboro 1977
04. Another Interlude
05. Embryo to Embers
06. Stock Footage
07. Four Leaf Clover
08. Bittersweet

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