Annie’s Long-Delayed Sophomore LP Don’t Stop Gets Release Date

Poor Annie. All she wants to do is release her second album, Don’t Stop. And feel her own heartbeat and chew some gum and hate your band and stuff like that. But, mainly, she wants to finally follow up Anniemal (TMT Review), her 2004 debut album. Unfortunately for her, that’s not what the folks at Island, her old label, wanted to do at all. Hence, Don’t Stop has been stuck in limbo for the past year or so.

Thanks to the good folks at Oslo-based label Smalltown Supertown, Don’t Stop will be escaping from that limbo soon. Real soon -- in fact, as in November 17 soon. According to Annie, the new record is “both immediately listenable and utterly beguiling,” along with “mainstream and underground, all at once.” Sounds confusing, but a good kind of confusing. Guess we’ll unravel these mysteries next month on the 17th.

Don’t Stop tracklist:

1. Hey Annie
2. My Love Is Better
3. Bad Times
4. Don't Stop
5. I Don't Like Your Band
6. Songs Remind Me of You
7. Marie Cherie
8. Take You Home
9. The Breakfast Song
10. Loco
11. When the Night

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