******** announce debut/farewell album release and reveal pronunciation of their name

******** announce debut/farewell album release and reveal pronunciation of their name
Photo: Daniel Marko

Well and truly putting to bed the myth that all the good band names in the world have been taken, ********** (apparently pronounced as “The Drink”) have announced their first and final album.

Just as art-school-clever as their name, the band’s debut/farewell album is a self-titled affair (i.e. ********** in case you’re not following) and features twelve tracks that the group already released on YouTube and “presents a series of theatrically characterized scenarios; universal summaries of the day-to-day; habitual and excessive; promising and disparaging.”

“And what exactly does THAT sound like?” I hear you wondering in oblique, non-english whatchimacallits. Well, the lead single “Kinderpunsch” is totally up and available to be listened to down below. So, ********** YOU for asking!

Even more good (read: tangible) news: **********’s album will be available in the very non-metaphysical vinyl format (in very limited quantities which will be scattered into existence via Domino imprint Weird World records) on January 26 and can be pre-ordered now.

Or can it???

(No, yeah; it can.)

The Drink tracklisting:

01. The Drink
02. I’m a Zookeeper (Not a Goalkeeper)
03. Trish
04. Kinderpunsch
05. Bowling Green
06. Practical Song (aka The Logical Song)
07. Signs of Life in the Computer
08. Comedian
09. Readymade
10. Schweppes Bitter Lemon
11. Scottish Water
12. Doberman

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