Another One For The “About Bloody Time” Section Of Your Record Collection; Voxtrot Set To Release Debut Album

Five years, three EPs, and two 7-inch singles ago, a little band called Voxtrot began. Little did the unsuspecting world know that they were going to have to wait for five years, three EPs, and two 7-inch singles before they got a full-length album out of the critics' darlings. Joining the ranks of many major label artists who take their sweet time to cut records (others: U2, Sean Lennon, Portishead), The Austin, TX quintet announced in December that they were working on an album, and it seems that the "fruit of their labors" is coming to "fruition" on May 22, when the band release their debut album on Playlouderecordings.

And if that wasn't fruity enough for you, the record was cut by Victor Van Vugt, who has also worked with such greats as Depeche Mode and Beth Orton (though many TMTers let out a collective sigh when they realized that Victor Van Vugt is not actually Viktor Vaughn). According to Ramesh Srivastava's blog, the album also features appearance(s) by the Tosca quartet. According to the press release, it is apparently "louder and harder" than previous offerings, which is another way of saying that the songs are going to both be louder, and harder as well.

Do you hear what I hear? Several thousand blogs ringing out... Yep. it's time for that inevitable deluge of enthusiastic blog entries! Hey, bloggers, make sure you check out their upcoming live shows this summer (including an appearance at Toronto's ridiculously named venue, Sneaky Dees!):

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