Another Timbre plans three new imminent releases from Fraufraulein, Common Objects, and Skuggorna och ljuset / Magnus Granberg

Another Timbre plans three new imminent releases from Fraufraulein, Common Objects, and Skuggorna och ljuset / Magnus Granberg

Hey there, friend. Are you happy with the timbre you’ve got in your pocket? Would you like another one? Perhaps from a label uniquely positioned to offer you precisely that? Called it. Well here you go, I’ve got three upcoming releases from the UK’s Another Timbre, all of which are guaranteed to broaden your timbre collection substantially. The first is Extinguishment from Billy Gomberg and Anne Guthrie, performing together as Fraufraulein. Guthrie, you might recall, just last year put out the excellent Codiaeum Variegatum, which found her combining extended french horn technique with assortments of field recordings. In Fraufraulein, Guthrie employs a similar technique and is complemented by Gomberg, who provides an array of electronics, additional field recordings, and extended technique on the bass guitar. I, your resident timbre-hocker, had the opportunity to see the duo perform together last summer, and I can confirm that it’s a lovely combination.

Next up is Would Fall From the Sky, Would Wither and Die a composition by Skogen leader Magnus Granberg, and performed with the Stockholm-based Skuggorna och ljuset, a group consisting of Anna Lindal on violin, Leo Svensson Sander on cello, Krstine Scholz on piano, Erik Carlsson on percussion, and Granberg himself on clarinet. Third in the trio of timbre extensions is Whitewashed with Lines by Common Objects, a group made up of John Butcher on saxophones, Angharad Davies on violin, Rhodri Davies on harps, and Lee Patterson with an assortment of “amplified devices and processes.” Whitewashed with Lines is a double disc consisting of two live performances, one of which was totally improvised, and one that was guided by a graphic score.

Unfortunately, there’s no firm release date for the music just yet, as the physical copies have hit a bit of a manufacturing snare. The label hopes they’ll arrive in the beginning of March, but of course the universe will do as it pleases — keep your eyes peeled. Until the albums do arrive, however, you can spend some time with audio extracts from all three releases via the YouTube embeds below, and peruse the Another Timbre back catalog, which includes heavy hitters like Michael Pisaro, Laurence Crane, and Radu Malfatti.

Extinguishment tracklist:

01. convention of moss
02. whalebone in a treeless landscape
03. my left hand, your right hand

Whitewashed with Lines tracklist:

01. cup and ring
02. repose and vertigo

Would Fall from the Sky, Would Wither and Die tracklist:

01. Would Fall from the Sky, Would Wither and Die

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• John Butcher:
• Angharad Davies:
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• Magnus Granberg:
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