Aphex Twin confirms first live US show in eight years

Aphex Twin confirms first live US show in eight years

From hiring blimps to cheeky faux programming advertisements, Aphex Twin’s movements since his triumphant return from god knows where in 2014 have been foreshadowed with cryptic and confusing messages.

At the risk of that modus operandi becoming predictable, Billboard has tipped us off to the fact that the synth-lord has come (pretty much) straight out and hinted at the fact that he will be playing at the Day for Night Festival in Houston this December.

This above tweet was then confirmed by a producer for the festival, Omar Afra, who confirmed the rumor to Billboard and concluded that “This is the second moon landing for Houston.”

This will be the first live Aphex Twin show in America since he played Coachella in 2008, so kind of a big deal.

Day for Night will take place December 17 and 18, and the full lineup will be announced on their website tomorrow when tickets go on sale. Really though, do we need any more convincing than Aphex Twin?

That’s rhetorical. We don’t.

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