Apples In Stereo New Album Talking Points

Just so you don't have to feel like you missed out on the news last week about the upcoming release of a new album from the Apples In Stereo, TMT is providing you with a Talking Points memo. Yup, it's just like the ones used by the Bush Administration that make them all seem like robots from planet "We Never Mess Up and Terrorists Could Kill Your Little Baby At Any Moment Unless We Get What We Want." Now you can make it seem like you read every article written about this topic. You can even write your own, it's not so hard. They let me do it, don't they? Enjoy!


Robert Schneider, Eric Allen, John Hill (ex drummer Hilarie Sidney left the band in August 2006, no replacement has been announced)


New Magnetic Wonder


Simian, a joint venture with Yep Roc/Red Eye, helmed by Elijah Wood (the actor better known as Frodo from The Lord of the Rings films). Robert met him at SXSW in 2003. Definitely work that into the story... a very interesting angle. Let those Hobbit jokes fly!

-Release Date:

February 7. (Try not to mention the fact that many people will download this album "illegally" well before this date. Get them excited about owning a shiny disc with stuff on both sides!)


There are many, so check the press release for the full list. Includes JEFF MANGUM, members of Olivia Tremor Control and engineer Bryce Goggin. (Hint: make special note of JEFF, almost to the point of overshadowing the band and the record. God knows everyone loves Neutral Milk Hotel, so this will increase exposure and interest!)

-Details (add these to the mix once everything above is covered):

Group's first new album in five years, a dual-sided enhanced-CD.
53 minutes long, 14 proper songs, and 12 segue songs, (Schneider calls them "link tracks"), recorded in five cities (Brooklyn, NY; Lexington, KY; Benton, KY; Denver, CO; and Athens, GA) over 12 months.

Album based around Schneider's own invention, the "Non-Pythagorean Scale" of music, further explained on the enhanced portion of the CD, which contains "digital files for MIDI usage and an in-depth description by Schneider... in both document and video form."

Sidney has left the band, is still on the album, and wrote two songs for it. (Do not mention her divorce from Robert; it would be in bad taste.)

National and regional tourdates for the Apples in Stereo will be announced shortly.

In conclusion, make sure to add references to past pop music masters like Brian Wilson, Jeff Lynne, etc. Use fun words, like Pop, Confetti, anthems, jams. The E6 was about fun and love.

New Magnetic Wonder tracklist:

{Side 1:

1. Can You Feel It?
2. Skyway
3. Mellotron 1
4. Energy
5. Same Old Drag
6. Joanie Don't U Worry
7. Sunndal Song **
8. Droplet
9. Play Tough
10. Sun is Out
11. Non-Pythagorean Composition 1

Side 2:
12. Hello Lola
13. 7 Stars
14. Mellotron 2
15. Sunday Sounds **
16. Open Eyes
17. Crimson
18. Pre-Crimson
19. Vocoder Ba Ba
20. Radiation
21. Beautiful Machine Parts 1-2
22. Beautiful Machine Parts 3-4
23. My Pretend
24. Non-Pythagorean Composition 3

** Composed by Hilarie Sidney

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