The Apples in Stereo to reissue early compilation Science Faire as limited-edition box set

The Apples in Stereo to reissue early compilation Science Faire as limited-edition box set

The year after blowing up with their debut album, Fun Trick Noisemaker, in 1995, Elephant 6’s resident indie pop savants The Apples in Stereo released a compilation of early material, titled Science Faire. It’s now been six years since the band’s last studio album, but they’ve decided to give that old compilation a deluxe reissue for the modern era, in case anybody’s been waiting around.

Science Faire collects the first official Elephant 6 release, The Apples EP (a.k.a. the “Tidal Wave” EP) from 1993, the band’s Hypnotic Suggestion EP from 1994, and the Time for Bed EP, which takes tracks from the band’s split single with E6’s own The Olivia Tremor Control, along with other various singles.

The reissued compilation comes out December 14 (mailorder packages ship December 1) and is available for pre-order in a few different packages from Chunklet Industries. Two of the three have already sold out, but the remaining limited-edition box set package contains all three releases on 7-inch vinyl, with various coloring possibilities and some “early Elephant 6 ephemera,” including inserts, stickers, and catalogs from 1993-1994. The sold-out bundles included a reproduction of The Apples in Stereo’s first t-shirt. Science Faire will also be available digitally on December 14.

Science Faire tracklisting:

The Apples EP:
01. Tidal Wave
02. Motorcar
03. Turncoat Indian
04. Haley
05. Not the Same
06. Stop Along the Way

Hypnotic Suggestion EP:
01. Running In Circles
02. Hypnotic Suggestion
03. Touch the Water
04. Glowworm

Time For Bed EP:
01. To Love the Vibration of the Bulb
02. Time For Bed / I Know You’ll Do Well
03. Rocket Pad
04. Onto Something

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