Arcade Fire announce Reflektor deluxe edition, plus seven-inch and cassette releases

Arcade Fire announce Reflektor deluxe edition, plus seven-inch and cassette releases

Cheers to Arcade Fire for letting their most recent album breathe a bit before smothering it with the deluxe-edition treatment. Jeers to world hunger. Reflektor, the group’s most recent full-length, came out in 2013, when we were all only babies. Now it’s two years later and time for that special re-release: Reflektor Deluxe Edition will be out digitally on September 25.

Considering that Reflektor was a double-album with, as I recall, one million songs on it, you might think the Arcade Fire well is all dry. Well, it’s not. It’s wet and wild. This deluxe edition features not one, not two, not three, not four, but five unreleased Arcade Fire originals! It also features a remix of “Flashbulb Eyes.” Now, if you get the deluxe edition and realize that, hey, some of these songs sound a little familiar, ask yourself: did you recently see the band’s documentary The Reflektor Tapes? If so, you may have heard some of these songs during that film. If not, are you in Arcade Fire? Did you suffer a head injury? Are you okay?

The Reflektor Tapes: it’s not just the name of a movie anymore! It’s also the name of a cassette-only release coming out October 16. This release allows you to hear those deluxe-edition exclusives without interacting with technology at all! Except for a cassette player, but by today’s standards, a cassette player might as well be a fruit.

More physical media: the band is also putting out a limited-edition 7-inch single of deluxe-edition tracks “Get Right” b/w “Crucified Again” via Merge/Sonovox on September 25, the same day the deluxe edition drops. If you can stomach the sight of the internet, those tracks are streaming now on Tidal. See, that Tidal subscription is paying off in spades! Pre-orders for both the cassette and the 7-inch are available now at the band’s website.

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