Ariana Grande doesn’t really have to announce new Sweetener Tour live album, because Instagram

Ariana Grande doesn't really have to announce new Sweetener Tour live album, because Instagram

Hey, lookit! Here comes another barely adequate micro-dose for all of us pathetic news-addicts!

Boca Raton, Florida’s very own Ariana Grande — whom we are apparently just ADDICTED to covering — has revealed…like, SOME STUFF, I guess, about an upcoming live album to be culled from her tours for 2018’s Sweetener and 2019’s thank u, next album. (Yeah, yeah: as usual, I know this because Tyler knows this. So what?)

Basically: Grande shared what could maybe possibly conceivably be some cover art alongside what looks to want to more or less look like a tracklisting in her Instagram story.

Then: someone else who’s whole business is just tweeting about pop culture news captured it and, you know, tweeted it!

Yes, that’s fucking all. No deets, no release date, no NOTHING. (Well, except for the tidbit that you can “pre-save” the thing on Spotify, whatever in the hell that means?) I Guess we’ll all just have to get our next HIT somewhere else, like the degenerate, unstable, maniacs we are.

Wait. Scratch that. I mean: Let’s all keep reading Tiny Mixed Tapes, then go out for a round of frosty chocolate milkshakes!

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