Ariel Kalma’s 70’s drone music is getting a 4xLP box set reissue, so get ready to rock that Shavasana

Ariel Kalma's 70's drone music is getting a 4xLP box set reissue, so get ready to rock that Shavasana

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” -Ariel Kalma

If you aren’t already familiar with the work of French sound artist Ariel Kalma, check out a few of these descriptors: ambient, new age, drone, Jon Hassell, 70’s, India, SHAVASANA.

Now that you’re right and excited after all those sexy words, you’re going to be even more titillated when you hear that a massive box set of Kalma’s recordings from the 70’s is coming out November 17 on Italy’s Black Sweat Records. This 4xLP set should give you plenty of time to try not to sleep on that soft, welcoming yoga mat you just brought home from the studio. Just don’t forget to turn the record(s) over!

French Archives 1977 - 1980 is far from Black Sweat’s first time around the block with Kalma’s recordings. The label is arguably responsible for the French composer’s return to the spotlight, following their release of his transcendent, Kraut-inspired 1978 record Osmose.

These recordings are Kalma at his most meditative. Having just returned in the late 70’s from what would be a seminal trip to India (of course, he’s a European minimal composer after all), he was inspired to work within the styles of spiritual drone music that he would become known for. These records find Kalma relaxing the use of his signature saxophone and focusing on rippling, transient sounds recorded to tape in his home studio.

So: begin with focusing on your breath. Make sure it’s “even.” Then, starting with your toes, relax each muscle in your body. Very good. You did so well today. Congratulate yourself even on the minor victories. Now you’re feeling grounded. Now you can go ahead and buy that box set on vinyl. Or if you’re too deep in your practice right now, you can stream the set from Bandcamp down below.


French Archives 1977 - 1980 tracklisting:

Ascend / Descend
01. Entrance K7
02. Tundra Trou Noir
03. White Space
04. Space Morse 2
05. Slow Space Rumba

Sarasvati Planet Ariel LP

Astral Cathedral LP
01. Force et Courage
02. Slow Trancing
03. Out of Breath
04. Ajna Vision
05. Saint Julien Harmo Flute
06. Planet Air Variation

Planet Air LP

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