Ariel Pink to guest on new Avalanches record? Welcome to paradise-dise-dise-dise…!

Ariel Pink to guest on new Avalanches record?  Welcome to paradise-dise-dise-dise...!

When they heard that the powers that be over at TMT had named their modest little collage-based chill-hop record from 2001, Since I Left You, to the #40 spot on their Favorite 100 Albums of 2001-2009 mega-list, the mystery-shrouded Australian crew known as The Avalanches thought twice about having never followed that record up.

Scrambling back to the studio to cash-in on our game-changing accolades before the last of the sparkle had faded, the guys hastily grabbed the first doofus they could find who managed to score four-and-a-half of those little circle thingies from our intentionally confounding ratings system, figuring this sort of partnership would hook the kids of today. That doofus just happened to be Ariel Pink, whose Before Today (TMT Review) recently got the world’s teeny-bopping Kin users more bent out of shape than Dave Grohl on a coffee binge.

And low, just yesterday, according to Pitchfork, an administrator on The Avalanches’ message board confirmed that Pink has indeed been enlisted for some guest vocal duties on a new Avalanches jam. “I hear ariel pink is recording some guest vocals for it and once those are done, the album will be finished (!),” read his brief post. I guess we’ll have to wait a little while longer to see where this all goes. Hmmm… in the interim, what’s say we pass the time by revisiting another one of many delightful Dave Grohl videos that our fine sponsor, the Internet, has to offer. (Talk about the antithesis of chill-wave…)

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