Arise ye freaks! Arthur magazine rises from its resting place!

Arise ye freaks! Arthur magazine rises from its resting place!

The once and future king of counterculture rags is back, after a faked death last March. Viva Arthur! Yesterday The Wire reported that the longhair lovers at Jay Babcock’s cult mag have roused themselves from their lengthy slumber and will be returning with a bigger, bolder, adjectives-ier look! The good people at Arthur have teamed up with Portland’s Floating World Comics to produce a black-and-white AND color broadsheet with ads on the back cover only, available for the low, low, low price of $5. So, yeah, it’s not free anymore.

The Beatles may have said “Can’t Buy Me Love,” but that was before Arthur existed. For what else is love, if it’s not the names of beloved, returning contributors like Byron Coley, Thurston Moore, “radical ecologist Nance Klehm,” “trickster activists Center for Tactical Magic,” Defend Brooklyn’s socio-political wizard Dave Reeves, and a holy “host of new, fresh-faced troublemakers”? (Quotes direct from the Arthur’s mouth.) Yasmin Khan is the art director on this here ship of fools. Arthur returns to this veil of sorrows December 22. Pre-orders are available from the magazine’s website.


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