Awesome Tapes From Africa to release Antoinette Konan’s self-titled 1986 album

Awesome Tapes From Africa to release Antoinette Konan's self-titled 1986 album

In keeping with their (relatively straightforward) mission of periodically releasing awesome recordings of African music, the fine folks at Awesome Tapes From Africa are set to reissue another awesome record from Africa: the self-titled album from Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire’s Antoinette Konan.

The 1986 recording features a percussion instrument called the “ahoko” on the cover (pictured below), which is described as a “deceptively simple traditional percussion instrument transformed Ivory Coast’s Baoulé music scene when Konan deployed it against a roaring electrified backdrop of synth, bass guitar and drum machines.”

Hear the deceptively simple instrument at work for yourself with the preview tracks “Kokoloko Tani” and “M’ackô,” both of which are streaming below.

Antoinette Konan is available to pre-order on vinyl, CD, and digital ahead of its November 15 release date. Pretty awesome.

Antoinette Konan tracklisting:

01. Kokoloko Tani
02. M’ackô
03. Enfants Du Monde (Version Baoulé)
04. Abidjan Adja
05. Evignen
06. Yalé

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