Captured Tracks release Axxa/Abraxas’ debut album, shockingly not the work of a prog band

Captured Tracks release Axxa/Abraxas' debut album, shockingly not the work of a prog band

In a shocking turn of events, the new prog band Captured Tracks has signed issssssn’t actually a prog band. Or even a minimal glitchtronica band. The band’s name, Axxa/Abraxas, just sounds like one! But it’s not. It’s some real lovely jangle pop, the sort of thing right at home on the Captured Tracks roster. No wizards and sexy space maidens to be found there. That’ll show you (me) about how assuming things makes an ass out of u and i.

In reality, Axxa/Abraxas is the nom de musique/art of 23-year-old Atlanta native Ben Asbury. The tracks that make up the band’s output were written whilst Asbury was in college studying psychology/religion/sociology, during which time he also founded the RTA Collective to release his cassettes along with his own visual art. Asbury sent in a demo to Captured Tracks the old-fashioned way, and the label brought in Jarvis Taveniere (Woods, Rear House Recording) to record and produce. The self-titled album is due March 4; listen to album track “I Almost Fell” below:

Axxa/Abraxas tracklisting:

01. Ryan Michalak (Is Coming to Town)
02. Going Forth
03. I Almost Fell
04. Beyond the Wind
05. Same Signs
06. So Far Away
07. Ride Into the Night
08. Painted Blue
09. On the Run
10. All That’s Passed

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