Badly Drawn Boy Sketches Goodly Drawn Soundtrack Album

While some acts inadvertently garner comparisons to soundtrack sound, others blatantly churn out the most derivative claptrap possible in order to snag a mega-lucrative inclusion on a hot original soundtrack. Some model their noise after non-existent, imagined films while still others are sought after for their ability to mirror the intent, feel, heart, and guts of a real movie with their accompanying music. It could be said that Damon Gough has faired a bit better with film tunes than commercial releases since his classic Badly Drawn Boy debut album, Year of the Bewilderbeast, in 2000. The wildly popular experience with About a Boy must have struck some the right way and have felt pretty good to the Badly Drawn Boy himself because he has offered his writing abilities to another album of "music taken from and inspired by" a motion picture. Is There Nothing We Could Do? features songs from/inspired by The Fattest Man in Britain, a television movie written by Caroline Aherne ("The Royle Family") and Jeff Pope that is due to air over the Christmas holidays in the U.K. due date for the album is December 14.

The fattest tracklist on Tiny Mix Tapes:

1. Opening Theme
2. Is There Nothing We Could Do?
3. A Gentle Touch
4. All the Trimmings
5. Welcome Me to Your World
6. Guitar Medley
7. Is There Nothing We Could Do? (Reprise)
8. Big Brian Arrives
9. Amy in the Garden
10. Been There, Verified
11. Just Look at Us Now
12. Wider Than a Smile
13. Piano Theme
14. The Letter
15. I'll Carry On

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