Basilica SoundScape 2015 reveals set times, brings in Godspeed You! Black Emperor for pre-event show

Basilica SoundScape 2015 reveals set times, brings in Godspeed You! Black Emperor for pre-event show

As 2015’s sea serpent September curls and flops into view, a lot of us are getting anxious. Some because we have to go back to school, some because we want summer to last forever (‘cause sweating and sunburns are funalicious!), and some still because we haven’t gotten our Basilica SoundScape 2015 tix. Naturally, I’m here for the latter, because it’s high time y’all hopped to.

And if you’re on the fence, well, get down off that fence! Those spires are gonna rip you up, man! Clamber down and click BUY for an early fall fest that seems to cater to the roiling dead leaf mulch in all of us. Doom and gloom, resplendently strapped with fervor and artistic purpose, await us all in that rusty miracle factory they call Basilica. I was there earlier in the summer for their 24-hour, all-night Dronefest and am happy to report that there is still no better place for immersive live listening in the northeast. The venue is as much of a destination as Perfume Genius, Wolf Eyes, Actress, and any of the other juggernauts it is housing on September 11. It is spacious and wander-friendly, with a nice out-of-the-way bar area and bathrooms with a shared ceiling. And they don’t just hurl a bunch of sets at you. Art, film, music, poetry, and food (an open-to-the-public brunch and small farmer’s market starts at 11 AM on Sunday) are deftly woven into the experience.

Peep the newly-announced, full-schedule details, including set times, and BUY like the wind.

And if two nights of the best experimental/dark pop going (plus these two, whom I’m probably most looking forward to) isn’t enough, there is a pre-show event on Tuesday, September 8. Canadian instrumental rock legends Godspeed You! Black Emperor will be mowing you down with their glorious tremolo anguish at 8 PM on that day. Purchases of this show will net you a discount for the weekend pass, so stop draggin’ those tootsies. Don’t bend, ascend! Lift them skinny fists! Git er done! Make like an exclamation point and flailingly declare yourself present!

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