Bass Drum of Death tear you a new one with Rip This; listen to “Left For Dead”

Bass Drum of Death tear you a new one with Rip This; listen to "Left For Dead"

You’re gonna need a bigger garage to thrash around in when Bass Drum of Death release their next album, aptly titled Rip This. There’s more unapologetic shredding going on care of BDoD mastermind John Barrett, while drummer Len Clark continues to be the man. The need to thrash is overwhelming when that man’s behind the kit.

Chances are you’re gonna wanna go see these dudes on tour cuz they rawk so hard. So, after you listen to the new album track, “Left For Dead,” go ahead and check out the link to their site, where you can see all their upcoming dates, as well as watch a highly entertaining “boyz will be boyz” type of tour video. If you don’t care about either of those, then go because they have the best cursor I’ve ever seen. If there was an award for Best Use of Cursor Art on a Band Website, then Bass Drum of Death would have that in the bag, baby. What is your favorite cursor art, and is there a less early-90s term for that? Cursoji? I vote for Cursoji.

Rip This tracklist:

01. Electric
02. Left For Dead
03. For Blood
04. Everything’s the Same
05. Sin Is In 10
06. Black Don’t Glow
07. Burns My Eye
08. Lose My Mind
09. Better Days
10. Route 69 (Yeah)

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