Battles Promise New Album in 2010

Battles Promise New Album in 2010

Hey there, dude! What are you going to be up to this year? Oh no way, you’re teaching classes at the Y about proper chat room safety? Far out! And whoa, your sister is going to Burning Man and her common-law husband may let you tag along in the back of his Kia Sportage? So jealous! Me? I’m probably just going to play the waiting game in deuce-double-oh-plus-oh until Battles come out with a new record. Remember those fellas? The “math rock” supergroup so righteous that they can divide by zero with a guitar riff? Yep, a new record from them has been a long time coming. Thankfully, Battles just announced that they’ll be releasing a follow-up to 2007’s Mirrored(TMT Review) sometime later this year.

How’s that for neat news, hombre? Anyways, I gotta go start my shift at Wendy’s. Have a super 2010, friend!

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