The Beatles’ Entire Catalog Remastered, World Needs Collective Change of Pants

People keep talking about saving up for 09-09-09, so a Google search later, I've discovered that the entire catalogue by some band called "The Beatles" is going to be remastered. I mean, I know they did the soundtrack for 2007's Across the Universe, but I don't see what the big deal is.

Anyway, Apple Corps Ltd. and EMI Music will release two collections. The first is a stereo box set of 12 "Beatles" albums, Magical Mystery Tour, and Past Masters Vol. 1 and II with all sorts of goodies, like expanded booklets, replicated original UK album art (chew on that for a second), extended liner notes, and rare photos. And if I understand this incredibly dense press release correctly, each CD will be embedded with a brief documentary about the album (which will also be collected on DVD). Phew!

The second box set will be entitled The Beatles in Mono, combining 10 Beatles recordings that were mixed for a mono release.

Other things to do on 09-09-09:

- Buy The Beatles: Rock Band game
- Get married
- 99 Boadrum

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