Beatles May Be Featured in Future Rock Band or Guitar Hero Game; I’m Not That Stoked, But I Know A Lot of Other People Probably Are

According to The Financial Times, The Beatles' representatives recently met with Activision (Guitar Hero) and MTV Games (Rock Band) about the possibility of creating a Beatles-themed game.


See, I'm a young buck, a 19-year-old asshole who will never appreciate The Beatles as much as you do. I moderately enjoyed Across the Universe [Editor's note: Scout says the songs on the Across the Universe soundtrack are better than the original versions -- what an idiot.], and I most certainly do not have any Beatles in my music collection [Editor's note: When I asked Scout if he liked Sgt. Pepper's, he said "I like them in fajitas."] But for those of you who enjoy both music-simulation video games and Magical Mystery Tour, this may very well be exciting news to you.

So when should you expect to play some fab four on clunky plastic instruments? We'll let you know once more info is revealed.

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